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April 2008
I am delighted to welcome you to the GoddessLife monthly newsletter. You are about to enter a realm where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and the mundane becomes magic.

For many years now, I have taught classes and workshops to women from all walks of life at The Goddess Center. It is here that women connect with each other and they learn the fundamentals of the GoddessLife lifestyle. I have watched women evolve and transform into the most amazing beings, able to overcome any challenge and create a meaningful life. Now, through this newsletter, I want to open up the essentials of this lifestyle to ALL, so you can participate wherever you live. I will do this two ways:

First, through my monthly GoddessLife 101 column I will share with you my secrets to living the GoddessLife. You will also find sections on everything Goddess, including goddess events, movies, books, music and Goddesses (past & present) that have inspired me and helped me in my own transformation.

And second, it is through the newsletter that you can connect with the larger GoddessLife community. This newsletter is about YOU. I want you to feel that this is your tribe. This newsletter is about your transformation and owning your power as a woman...your GoddessLife! Please share your stories, your ideas, and your feedback. Tell me your favorite books, movies, upcoming events and why so that I can start to post them.

No matter what your current circumstances are - your GoddessLife can begin right now! So, kick your shoes off and join me on a path of empowerment, self-worth, magic and fun!


What's New at GoddessLife
what's newThere is so much new going on at GoddessLife that I could fill up this entire newsletter with this section! Fortunately, you can peruse at your leisure my brand new website which features everything GoddessLife in one destination. On the homepage, you can watch never-before-seen videos I created just for the website, or check out the brand new Goddess Workout DVDs and music downloads. Find out where you can attend upcoming workshops & retreats, or find a certified Goddess Workout instructor in your area. Read about the colorful history of bellydance, the allure of burlesque or etiquette for swimming with dolphins. Make sure to visit often, as there are many exciting things happening all the time!
GoddessLife 101
goddesslife 101Join me each month in this section as I teach you simple tips to living a fuller, healthier and fun life. You are a goddess and it is time to start living that way!

Lesson #1: Empower yourself by learning about other powerful women. They can help you discover your own unique Goddess within.

You can do this by finding photographs of women you admire for their success, beauty, courage, talent or outlook on life. You can find them in magazines, online or from your own personal photo album. Make it a fun project. Light some candles, put on some of your favorite music, and look through your house for photos of women who inspire you. You can even make a collage! Post them in place where you will see them everyday, such as your bathroom mirror or on your refrigerator door. Let their images encourage and motivate you until you discover that the qualities you admire in these women are within yourself! (Read the Legendary Goddess of the Month - Amelia Earhart - she did this while she was hospitalized for a month with the Spanish Flu!)
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Inspirational Goddess of the Month
goddess of the monthYour stories of how the Goddess Workout has transformed your life serve as great inspiration to me and now I want to share it with other Goddesses! Nominate a Goddess!

Name: Dorothy Lowry

Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait

Story: I work at the US Embassy in Kuwait and started a bellydance club in which we do The Goddess Workout together each week. The women in our club range from stick-thin to gorgeously fluffy, and when we're shaking our shimmy you'd better watch out! Most of the local women were brought up with Bellydance, but love Dolphina's girl-power attitude. Our club took a field trip to the open-air souk and got coin scarves. I was planning on a Persian carpet for my Kuwait souvenir, but this is so much better.

Favorite Goddess Workout Dance Move: the shimmy - it even SOUNDS good!

Favorite Indulgence: a good spa pedicure

Dream Job: I'm living it - I am a nurse
Legendary Goddess of the Month
legendary goddessEach month I will feature a woman who embodies the highest possible expression of her nature. Honoring the brilliance in other women will help all of us on our path to living our own true potential.

Amelia Earhart
The mysterious circumstances of Amelia Earhart's death hold an endless fascination for me. Even more enthralling is the fact that she became one of the first female aviators and a feminist icon against tremendous odds. Hospitalized as a teen for a year with the Spanish flu, she courageously willed herself to survive by keeping a scrapbook of successful females working in male-dominated careers. (she did the GoddessLife 101 exercise of the month!) She paved a way for the independent woman when she married into the wealthy publishing family, the Putnams, and kept her own last name. She broke so much new ground for the modern woman and showed us we can do any thing we put our minds to. Who inspires you? Let me know!
Goddess Movie of the Month
goddess movieFrom Gidget to Gilda - from Film Noir to Romantic Comedy - the heroines of these girl-power flicks have the Goddess attitude in spades. Each month I will feature one of my favorites. Email me your favorites.

Ball of Fire (1941)
With the simple fact that the leading lady's name is "Sugarpuss O'Shea", this movie became one of my favorites. Barbara Stanwyck plays a sharp-tongued showgirl who charms and devastates everyone around her with her unbelievably witty dialog and the most dazzling dress ever to appear on the silver screen! Loosely based on Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, Sugarpuss is a gangster's moll "on the lamb" who moves in with 8 nerdy professors that are writing an encyclopedia. Written by the incomparable Billy Wilder and directed by Howard Hawks. Sugarpuss's moxy will inspire you to be strong enough to embrace your softness in style.
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Goddess Book of the Month
goddess bookFrom Biographies to Self-Help - the wisdom found on these pages will help guide you on your GoddessLife journey. Each month I will feature one of my favorites.

I could not put down "Flapper" by Joshua Zeitz. Flappers were more than just dancers; they were the women who made America modern. They defined the first sexual revolution, the right for women to pursue happiness and were the first-wave femininists. Flappers broke all the rules of the previous Victorian era and held the entire country frightened and fascinated. I devoured the decadent and deliciously wicked stories of these women who are without question the cat's pajamas!
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Goddess Music/playlist
goddess musicFrom Billie Holiday to Bellydance this music will inspire you to dance like no one is watching.

Cardio Bellydance - Intro Remix
This month I am featuring the soundtrack to my latest DVD - Cardio Bellydance. It is an electronica remix of the classic Intro to Bellydance CD mixed by Michael Cox of Petrol Bomb Samosa. Dubai after Hours is perfect when you are in the mood to be sensual and Electro Exotica is ideal for when you want to shake it like Shakira!
Goddess Event of the Month
goddess eventGoddesses know how to celebrate! Connect with other Goddesses in person.These are events not to be missed... see you there!

V to the Tenth
V-day is turning 10 this year! Eve Ensler, author of the Vagina Monologues and creator of V-day to end violence against women, is celebrating this anniversary in New Orleans with V to the 10th. Reclaiming the Super Dome and transforming it into SuperLove, she asks us to join the 2-day mega celebration and "Change the Story of Women". Saturday night will open her new play, "Swimming Upstream" featuring Katrina survivor stories with an unbelievable cast that includes Oprah Winfrey, Selma Hayek, Jane Fonda, Eve and many others. April 11-12 New Orleans.
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